On your wolves – ready, set, go!

20 years of Steppenwolf – 20 years in which the Steppenwolf family has gone from strength to strength. Each Steppenwolf is a faithful companion: reliable and individual. Just the way you need it. From the very first day onwards! Here are our Steppenwolf Hardtails, the bosses on every trail – for adventure without limits. Our Pedelecs for the shrewdest foxes in the area – with mobility guarantee. And of course the little wolves also pack a mighty punch.

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Born To Bike

20 years of Steppenwolf also means passion for perfect craftsmanship, innovative technology and uncompromising customer orientation. And that is what we are showing you with our 20th anniversary models, where no wishes remain unsatisfied. Set off on the trail and discover the wolf pack in 2016!


There's said to also be Trekking Steppenwolves who don't just like it dusty, steep and rocky. These have been observed in considerable herds in towns and on tranquil forest trails.

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The craftiest foxes in the Steppenwolf family have the Extra-Portion e-Motor. So they don't even have to break a sweat and have more time for the important things in life.

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They want to run, they want to play, they want to conquer nature. These alpha animals have no natural enemies, since they are the fastest in the pack. The irrepressible forward thrust is in their genes.

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You'd prefer to stroke them, rollick with them and simply take them in one's arms. But in every little wolf, a bigger wolf already lurks. And they quite simply pack a punch.

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