Test: Steppenwolf Tao 20th

You can find a test of the Steppenwolf Tao 20th in the latest edition of “TREKKINGBIKE Magazin”. The result was excellent.

Below you can find the article (only in German). Enjoy it and of course the Steppenwolf Tao 20th!

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Your Steppenwolf-Team


Steppenwolf Travel

“Steppenwolf Travel” is an online-based communication platform to integrate bike-tourism (including the brand Steppenwolf as a vendor of useful bikes for trips), specialist shops and customers.

Roland Liertz founds the brand Steppenwolf and since 1. August 2016 he works as a MIFA sales representative for the brands Steppenwolf, GRACE, VAUN und BESV in the sales area bavaria. E-Bike journeys in Germany and abroad are in the focus of “Steppenwolf Travel”

Each brand quests to an unique feature. Already the name shows the independet and wild animal. So it’s clear that the brand image “be on the road” with the motto “ExperienceSteppenwolf” is absolutly ideal.

You can find information around the “Steppenwolf Travel”-programm here (only in German):



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